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    Studio M4’s 12x6.5 sq meters floor with hybrid vinyl floor and mirrored wall can be the perfect space for your dance and yoga classes. Complete with locker facility, a kitchenette and 4 toilets ( 2 ladies and 2 mens) this space will surely become your favourite for classes.

***A reminder that it is essential to sign and return the terms and conditions form (attached) prior to your booking.***

If you have not visited our spaces before it is essential to come in for an induction meeting 15 minutes before your scheduled booking time (if between the hours of 9:30am and 5:30pm). If your booking is after-hours, it is your responsibility to organize a time to visit during office opening hours.

***If you no longer wish to keep this booking, you must inform Studio M4 in writing. If you do not confirm cancellation of your booking, fees will apply.***

Please find below some very important information regarding your confirmed booking.


  • If your booking is during office hours, please visit the office, or we have the option for direct debit or via stripe account (online) for payment; at this stage post renting payment is not available.

  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the booking will be charged at the full cost of the booking.

  • All payments are final - cancellations outside of 24 hours will be credited towards future bookings


  • Sign and return the Terms & Conditions

  • Provide StudioM4 with a list of any items you will be bringing onsite – all electrical items require a current test and tag, and large props must be approved by StudioM4 staff.

  • You may need a code to enter the building. If you are provided a door code it is your responsibility to open the door for all other bookings - if you can no longer attend your booking you MUST contact the Studio M4 office at 03 9123 1231

  • If you can’t access/lock the building as per instructions, call the office during office hours etc. or weekends - StudioM4 - 0424704506


  • Be aware our floors are very fragile – ensure you use appropriate shoes and no props/instruments that can damage/scratch the floor.

  • Do not use a different space than the one you booked.

  • If you are not happy with the condition you find the space in (lights on, faulty equipment), please let us know via email (with pictures if possible), and write it in the space log provided in each studio.

  • Familiarise yourself with the emergency plan on the door so that in case of emergency, you can use the closest exit to evacuate.

  • Feel free to use the green room at the back (with kitchen facilities) but make sure you take back any cups/glasses and that you do your own dishes.DO NOT BRING FOOD INTO THE STUDIO SPACES.


  • Return the studio to its original condition – any items brought in MUST be removed (e.g. cushions, yoga mats, props.) Kindly contact the office for any further arrangements.

  • As the booking is made in your name, you are responsible for any complaints we may receive in regards to your booking and additional fees (cleaning or security) can apply. Therefore, you MUST ensure that you are the last one to leave the space during your booking time, that the space is left in a clean condition with all lights, power points and air-con/heating turned off, dish in the kitchen is cleaned if used by the hirer (including the foyer if you are the last hirer for the day).

  • You MAY need to lock the building after your hire time as there WILL/WON'T be hirers using the spaces after you. If you are the last hirer in the building, DO NOT leave without following the closing procedure (sent through before your booking).If you are issued with a closing procedure, you are responsible for locking the building.

  • A penalty charge of $15 will automatically be applied to the last booking of the day if the closing procedure is not followed.

  • Any lost property is held in the office for approximately four weeks before it is donated.

  • Properties belonging to StudioM4 if not hired by the hirer, are not to be used without prior approval from the office.

    In case of emergency, alarms going off, or problems accessing the spaces, please call the office (weekdays – 9.30-5.30) - 03 9123 1231 or (weekends) on 0424704506.

    Please return the attached terms and conditions with the following text:

    I confirm I have read and agreed to the terms mentioned in this email and I have read, signed and returned the 'Terms and Conditions’ form.

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